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  • Civic Education Overview

    CIVICUS Cambodia’s programs reflect its commitment to democracy, education, reconciliation and peacebuilding. Mainly, CIVICUS Cambodia has two main concentrations: education and reconciliation/peacebuilding of which all our projects fall under.

    Speak Truth to Power

    CIVICUS Cambodia is the partner of the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Right’s Speak Truth to Power initiative. The project uses the extraordinary work of over 50 human rights defenders from around the world as catalysts for change and serves as an education curriculum currently in use in several countries worldwide, including Cambodia. Read more...

    Democracy Tours

    Through close collaborations with key members of Cambodian parliament, CIVICUS Cambodia establishes, and facilitates citizen tours to Parliament to witness the democratic process first-hand.  Read more...

    Youth Ambassadorship

    Distinguished members of the international community are personally selected as Youth Ambassadors for CIVICUS Cambodia, helping to engage students from all over the world in discussions about the importance of civic education. Read more...

    Annual Civic Awards

    CIVICUS Cambodia works with the prominent, diverse actors from the community in selecting an outstanding member of Cambodian society dedicated to the betterment of their local communities through their commitment to civic responsibility. Read more...

    Other Educational Events.


  • Reconciliation, Peacebuilding, KR Legacy


    Reconciliation, Peace-building

    Building an Honorable Legacy from the Destruction

    The modern destruction of Cambodia had its beginning in Cold War and colonial politics. The spilling of the Vietnam-American War into Cambodia gave rise to the brutal Khmer Rouge. The 4-year reign of the Khmer Rouge (April 1975 - January 79) decimated Cambodia from which we, almost four decades later, are still struggling to survive and revive from it.

    Today, CIVICUS Cambodia, with its long-established, internationally-recognized history of reconciliation and peace-building via the Center for Social Development and the Center for Justice & Reconciliation, now a major component of CIVICUS Cambodia, works with individuals who continue to struggle with the aftermath of civil war, followed by the Khmer Rouge era, one of the most lethal regimes of the twentieth-century, followed by occupation. CIVICUS Cambodia’s commitment to helping the remaining survivors of such a turbulent time, in addition to educating new generations, is reflected in our projects.

    ECCC Outreach for Victims/Perpetrators

    CIVICUS Cambodia, in partnership with AKRVC (Association of Khmer Rouge Victims in Cambodia) works to reach out to those personally affected by the brutality of Pol Pot and his cadres by engaging them in healing open discussion.  Read more...

    Psycho-social Support

    In 2007, the Center for Social Development under the leadership of Theary Seng published, Understanding Trauma in Cambodia which has become the quintessential handbook on addressing issues of trauma among Cambodian society. CIVICUS Cambodia continues to use these principles to offer psycho-social support to those directly, and indirectly, affected by trauma throughout Cambodian society.  Read more...

    Provincial Learning Centers/Memorials

    CIVICUS Cambodia is working towards collaboration in the establishing provincial learning centers-memorials to address the concerns of, educate, and reach out to those members of Cambodian society without access to the many facilities available to residents in Phnom Penh.  Read more...

    Other Reconciliation/Peace-building Events





  • Parliamentary Watch / Hearings

    Monitoring Parliamentary Sessions

    Attending and monitoring the sessions of Parliament and providing reports to the general public.  By increasing peoples’ access to and knowledge about the parliamentary and democratic processes of Cambodia’s government, CIVICUS Cambodia aims to increase Cambodian peoples’ participation in the democratic process.   The reports will be disseminated via  the Democracy Tour, news outlet and public forums.  These public forums, aimed specifically at civil society, students, teachers, grassroots organizations, and local leaders, where issues of democracy, governance, and human rights are often are the forefront of discussion.

    Read more . . .

  • Cambodian Court Monitoring

    Monitoring the National Courts

    and the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia


  • VoJ&R Radio Program

    Voice of Justice & Reconciliation

    The Voice of Justice & Reconciliation radio program works to multiply the impact of the work of CIVICUS Cambodia in the education and engagement of Cambodians on matters such as democracy, human rights, the ECCC, and reconciliation, etc.




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